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Offering free Appraisals of your collection. Leaving the hobby or recently inherited a collection? Don't let them waste away in storage or neglected at museums!

Unmounted Specimens

Offering a very unique selection of riker mount framed specimens to my customers within the USA. Looking for professionally mounted specimens? You search ends here!

Offering Real Dried Insect Specimens from around the World
Framed Specimens

My business is not just about sales so that I can make a living, it is about sharing my passion with insects and arachnids with those around me and around the world. It's about inspiring that 5 years child you have who is fascinated with insects to pursue their interests, to giving your grandparents collection, you inherited, the same love and care that they provided for it while in their care. Educating the public about the importance of insects and preservation of actual specimens is important so that people can see insects upclose and personal, causing the unnecessary fears to fade away as they learn why a certain insect does what it does in it's natural environment. It's ok, don't discourage the bug lover within yourself, contact me and bring your passion to life! Surely there is something here at Creation's Finest for everyone!

College course in Entomology? Let me do the work. You do the exams, I'll do the field work. You have better things to do with your time. I'll collect them for you!

is your Insect Collection complete? let ME help.
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Offering Nature's Best Souvenirs- Quality Insects from Around the World!

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Offering a huge selection of dried insects from around the world. Nature's best souvenirs are real unmounted insects